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As a licensed therapist, I have found that one of the most difficult steps in therapy is scheduling and attending the initial appointment. My aim is to reward that courage by collaboratively working with my clients towards reaching their goals.

My clinical work is an individualized approach based on the presenting concerns of my clients and is couched within a cognitive behavioral and interpersonal framework. My training as a generalist in clinical health psychology has provided me with experiences in a wide array of issues ranging from stress management and life transitions to more severe concerns such as trauma. My genuineness and humor assist in the development of a strong therapeutic relationship. Through our established relationship, I will strive to help my clients develop an increased awareness and motivation to overcome their struggles and improve their quality of life.

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I earned my PhD in Clinical Health Psychology from UNC Charlotte and completed my pre-doctoral internship at the Georgia Southern University Counseling Center, specializing in military issues, LGB and Trans/Gender Non-Conforming issues, and group therapy. While a staff member at the GSU Counseling Center, I served as the Group Therapy Coordinator and the Military Liaison. I have led a number of groups, including anxiety, coping skills, depression, military, LGBTQ, and TGNC groups. My group offerings are based on the needs of my clients. I am a licensed psychologist in NC (#4697) and a member of the World Profesional Association For Transgender Health, the Mecklenburg Psychological Association, the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group, and the North Carolina Psychological Association. I also serve as a board member for Genderlines here in Charlotte, NC.

I look forward to being Your Charlotte Therapist!

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